Online access to COVID-19 lab test results for Health Care Providers

If you are an authorized Ontario health care provider with access to one of the provincial viewers (ClinicalConnect™, ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer and eHealth Portal) or an electronic medical record system (with OLIS to EMR) or Hospital Information System (with OLIS integration), you can access novel coronavirus (COVID-19) lab test results stored in Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) in near real-time.

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Single Sign On - Patient Context Sharing Standard

Single sign on is the process where a user logs on once and is able to access a range of applications through multiple channels without having to log on again.

Patient context sharing is the sharing of clinical information across applications so that specific content for a given patient can be immediately displayed without having to reselect it within each application.

This standard allows you to benefit from these two processes and access a range of ehealth solutions including the ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer and Ontario Telemedicine Network portal.

Scope v1.4

The single sign on/patient context sharing standard is based on the OASIS* SAML** version 2 specification with additional, custom attributes to support the eHealth Ontario single sign on model. SAML is a standard format, used in federated systems for the purpose of exchanging authentication data.

SAML architecture contains:

  • Profile – context around type of operation being performed
  • Bindings – details governing how a transaction will proceed
  • Protocol – which informs the type of transaction being performed
  • Assertions – details about the user including how they were authenticated.

Scope v1.5

V1.5 provides access to applications with a wider range of information about users, e.g. login location (city or town), professions and specialties, in addition to enhancing patient context and supporting multi-factor authentication. V1.5 continues to support the following:

  • Provider identity verification
  • Provider authentication and authorization
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Security and access management
  • Provider workflow enhancements (passing patient context).

Adoption of this specification leads to an ecosystem of connected applications, delivering a wealth of patient information, in a secure and trusted fashion to Ontario’s health care providers. 

* OASIS is the organization for the advancement of structured information standards.
**SAML is the security assertion markup language standard, which defines a framework for exchanging security information between online business partners.

This document has been exempted from translation under the French Language Services Act as per O. Reg. 671/92. This document is technical in nature and is available in English only due to its limited targeted audience.

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This publication has been exempted from translation under the French Language Services Act as per O. Reg. 671/92. This publication is technical in nature and is available in English only due to its limited targeted audience.

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  • March 23, 2017

    V1.5: Now available to download

  • February 15, 2017 - March 16, 2017

    V1.5: Ontario EHR Architecture & Standards Governance Committee Approval

  • January 03, 2017 - January 27, 2017

    V1.5: Open Review Period

  • November 20, 2014

    V1.4: Now available to download

  • November 20, 2014

    V1.4: Ontario EHR Architecture & Standards Governance Committee Approval

  • August 27, 2014 - September 24, 2014

    V1.4: Open Review Period

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