Online access to COVID-19 lab test results for Health Care Providers

If you are an authorized Ontario health care provider with access to one of the provincial viewers (ClinicalConnect™, ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer and eHealth Portal) or an electronic medical record system (with OLIS to EMR) or Hospital Information System (with OLIS integration), you can access novel coronavirus (COVID-19) lab test results stored in Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) in near real-time.

eHealth Ontario

Duplicate testing is significantly reduced – saving time and money

Dr. Mehan explains how ClinicalConnect helps reduce duplicate testing on patients.

Dr. Mehan, a family physician from the Kitchener Centre for Family Medicine, explains how the ConnectingSouthWestOntario (cSWO) Regional Clinical Viewer, ClinicalConnect™, helps reduce duplicate testing on patients.

Care providers are able to obtain patient health histories prior to patient visits, reducing/eliminating the need for patients to remember and repeat previous medical interactions. The efficiencies afforded by having access to lab results and diagnostic tests, as well as countless other pieces of patient health information, in real-time, results in significant cost-savings and reduced patient distress. This also reduces exposure to inappropriate and duplicate procedures/tests, medication errors, etc.

cSWO is one of three programs that are part the ConnectingOntario program. Through this initiative, eHealth Ontario is leading the integration of electronic health information across the province.

Thirty per cent of Ontario’s population is covered by cSWO, including the four south west Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) – Erie St. Clair, South West, Waterloo Wellington and Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant. London Health Sciences Centre is the delivery partner for the cSWO program implementation and management. Health Information Technology Services, a division of Hamilton Health Sciences is the key solution provider to cSWO, deploying ClinicalConnect to clinicians in south west Ontario.