Enhancements to ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer Now Available!

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our users with the best possible experience, Release 10.7B, an enhanced version of the ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer, is now available. This release contains technology platform upgrades and resolution of the defects listed below. There is no change to training materials.

Defects Addressed

  1. Session Timeout

    1. Session Timeout prompt is displayed at inconsistent time intervals once extended
    • Extending the session at the timeout prompt now consistently provides 15 more minutes before timing out (12 minutes before being prompted again)
  2. Medications Portlet

    1. When printing with grouping applied and groups collapsed, the thickness of the lines separating the groups decreases readability
      • The line thickness has been reduced
      • Note: lines may look thicker in Internet Explorer 11
    2. When printing in Internet Explorer 11 with grouping applied, the sub header displays “Group By” in two lines
      • Sub header now displays on one line
    3. The form value is capitalized
      • Form value now displays with the capitalization used in the record retrieved from the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR)
    4. Column level filtering is not retained after grouping is applied
      • Column level filtering is now retained after grouping is applied
    5. Prescriber and Pharmacist values do not display correctly
      • The Prescriber and Pharmacist information now display correctly, when it is available in DHDR. If it is not available, the corresponding field will be empty
  3. Internet Explorer 11

    1. If the Windows Print Spooler Service is not running or if a printer is not installed, the Close button within the Print window does not work
      • After selecting Close, the following message now displays:
        “There is a problem with the print configuration on your device which is preventing the closing of this window. Please close this window manually using the X in the upper right corner before proceeding.”
    2. Printing Reports – In every component, gray row shading does not transfer to printed output
      • The user must enable “Print Background Colors and Images” via the browser Print -> Page Setup for grid striping to appear on print outs
  4. Chrome

    1. ClinicalViewer is not blocked when Print Preview is selected by pressing CTRL + P
      • Selecting CTRL + P to display Print Preview now locks out the ClinicalViewer
    2. Version 88, Lab and Pathology Results portlet only
      1. After printing either a lab attachment or the OLIS full report, upon return to the document viewer, the Print and Cancel buttons are disabled
        • In the circumstances stated above, the Print and Cancel buttons now function as expected
    3. Version 86
      1. If the Zoom feature is set to 90%, the vertical scroll bar in the ClinicalViewer does not work in Summary View
        • The size of the scroll bar has been reduced so that it is now possible to scroll up and down
    4. Version 83
      • Checkboxes no longer have a blue background
      • Custom timeline: dates no longer auto fill