We now are processing an average of 30 million requests for patient information every month.

More and more health care providers are taking advantage of the ability to access their patients' records on-line. It's especially useful for elderly patients and those with chronic conditions who may have multiple procedures at different locations.

106,670 health care professionals are eligible to log-on to view their patients’ records. More than half those users access provincial data actively.

It relieves the burden on patients they treat because they don’t have to remember their history, like labs, publicly funded prescribed meds and diagnostic images. And health care providers can make more informed decisions about their care.

7 billion+ records are stored in our repositories

Health care providers have a wide range of information available to care for their patients, from records that are created anywhere in the province.

4.9 billion lab test orders and results

1.6 billion publicly funded dispensed meds records

701 million hospital, home and community clinical records

115.7 million diagnostic images and reports

98% of hospitals in Ontario are connected to our services

100% of home and community care organizations (LHINS) are connected to our services

85% family physicians use a certified EMR software in their practice.*

* OntarioMD works with Ontario's physicians to advise them on how to optimize their EMR use.
Updated: December 31st, 2019