The network utilizes leading edge technology to provide fast, secure and reliable service.

Data is encrypted, protecting personal information (PI) and personal health information (PHI).

Province-wide, high-speed optical network with a minimum of 10 Gbps bandwidth.

Hands off service, managed and maintained regularly.

Service availability and reliability is in line with industry standards and best practices.


  • Enables the secure exchange and sharing of important patient health information among health care providers
  • Protects patient health information and user account information
  • Ensures security of confidential health information through modern, encrypted data protection systems

Non-Technical Prerequisites

Health care professionals/health care organizations will be provided a managed private network (MPN) connection if the following eligibility criteria are met:

  • The site is identified within an eligibility criteria matrix, or
  • The site has an application (in production) that does ‘system to system’ transactions across the wide area network with documented, guaranteed delivery times (e.g. Enterprise Master Patient Index), or
  • The site uses an approved health care application that currently cannot be securely accessed over the Internet and has been approved for application usage
  • Otherwise, the public Internet will be the default method by which the site will gain access to digital health services
  • Legal agreements

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