ONE ID Application Federation offers the following features:

The federation standard is based on the OASIS SAML version 2 specifications with additional, custom attributes to support eHealth Ontario’s single sign-on model.

Increased security through multiple factors of authentication including text and phone-based challenges to confirm user identity.

Seamless and secure access to multiple digital health services from clinical information systems using the primary system’s credentials.


  • Increase adoption and uptake by leveraging over 90, 000 ONE ID users that meet stringent privacy, security and legal requirements.
  • Provide a convenient way for health care users to access your applications or services using existing credentials.
  • Avoid overhead costs related to managing credentials, security and user support.
  • No cost – free to health care application/service providers in Ontario.

Technical Prerequisites

  • The application service provider must meet the SAML Standards
  • Delivery channels define their own appropriate authorization rules

Non-Technical Prerequisites

  • Sign the Delivery Channel Services Agreement/Schedule
  • Service providers must meet Federation Standards covering requirements for protection of personal health information (PHI) and access controls

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