ONE ID Identity Federation offers the following features:

Seamless and secure access to multiple digital health services from clinical information systems using the primary system’s credentials.

View patients’ clinical information across multiple digital health services without having to search and identify the patient again.

Increased security through multiple factors of authentication including text and phone-based challenges to confirm user identity.

A simple and flexible set of processes for authorizing users.


  • Enhances protection of patient health information and user account information through privacy and security safeguards
  • Enables organizations to provide their users with access to additional digital health services offered by other organizations using the same login credentials
  • Improves workflow and user experience by allowing single sign-on to access multiple applications
  • Eliminates the need to remember multiple accounts and passwords
  • No cost – free to all health care providers in Ontario

Technical Prerequisites

  • Identity Providers must meet the integration requirements for implementing either an OIDC or SAML Token Service and must also meet the Identity Providers Standard.
  • Identity Providers must complete required testing, including security testing, to ensure the user experience is consistent.

Non-Technical Prerequisites

  • Identity Providers must meet Federation Standards covering requirements for identity proofing and authentication.
  • Health Service Providers must sign the required agreements, including Identity Services Schedule or Delivery Channel Services Schedule.
  • Completion of Privacy & Security Assessments and remediation of gaps.

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