A ONE ID credential offers the following features:

Recognized as a secure identity solution for accessing patient health information by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and numerous health care organizations in Ontario (over 6,000 organizations and 155,000 users).

Increased security through multiple secure identification methods for individuals accessing digital services including confirming user identity with text and phone-based challenges.

Manage profile account information online.


  • Enhances protection of patient health information and user account information through privacy and security safeguards
  • Provides access to multiple digital health services using the same login credentials
  • Improves workflow and user experience with single sign-on when accessing multiple applications
  • Eliminates the need to remember multiple accounts and passwords
  • No cost – free to all health care providers in Ontario

Non-Technical Prerequisites

There are several steps involved in acquiring a ONE ID Account:

Step 1 – Get a Sponsor

  • You must be sponsored in order to be authorized for access to digital health services. Each sponsoring organization has signed a legal agreement, and has a local registration authority (LRA) that is familiar with both the service and your obligations when accessing the service. For example, if you are associated with a hospital, that hospital would serve as your sponsor and the hospital would have a designated LRA.
  • Physicians looking for a fast and easy way to gain secure access can now visit The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario’s website and directly register for a ONE ID account.

Step 2 – Register

  • Contact your sponsor’s LRA and provide your identity information. The LRA will validate your identity, verify your level of assurance and create a ONE ID account. The LRA will provide you with your login ID and temporary password.
  • Not sure who your LRA is? Contact us at 1-866-250-1554 or by email at servicedesk@ehealthontario.on.ca.​

Step 3 – Gain Access

  • Your LRA will authorize your request for access to digital health services based on clinical needs, e.g., nurses require access to specific patient information to fulfill their clinical duties. Authorization is typically handled in real-time, at the same time as registration. Users can access digital health services as soon as they are authorized.
  • If you’ve registered for a ONE ID account on the CPSO website, practice in South West Ontario and want to access provincial digital health services, visit the ClinicalConnect website. If the same is true but you practice in the Greater Toronto Area or Northern and Eastern Ontario, visit ConnectingOntario for more information.

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