Freedom of Information Requests

eHealth Ontario is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), the Ontario law that provides a right to access information under the control of institutions in accordance with the following principles:

  • Information should be available to the public
  • Necessary exemptions from the right of access should be limited and specific
  • Decisions on the disclosure of government information should be reviewed independently of government

FIPPA also protects the privacy of personal information of individuals held by institutions. It provides individuals with a right of access to, and correction of, that information.

Making a Freedom of Information Request

Freedom of information requests must be made in writing. Please include enough detail to allow our staff to find the information, along with the $5.00 application fee (cheque only, payable to the Minister of Finance).

Send your request to:

Ontario Health (Digital Services)
Privacy Office
777 Bay Street, Suite 701
PO Box 148
Toronto, ON
M5G 2C8

For questions, contact our FIPPA officer at:

Requests for personal information that we have about you are prepared free of charge, although you may be charged for photocopying costs. For general records, you may be charged for the time required to locate and prepare the records, as well as photocopying costs, shipping costs, and costs associated with replying to the request. You will receive a decision letter that will outline our response to your request. You will be informed of your right to appeal the decision to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.