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How do I ensure my access to the EHR is secure?

We provide specific guidelines for securely connecting to the EHR. Learn how to securely connect.

Does eHealth Ontario provide assistance with getting securely connected to the EHR?

We offer a range of security services to health service providers to protect patient data in the EHR. These include identifying and evaluating security risks, helping clients comply with EHR policies, security training and responding effectively to security incidents. Find out about our program and how we can help your team.

Who do I contact for concerns about security and connecting to the EHR?

What is the Guide to Information Security for the Health Care Sector

The guide is a booklet that provides a common framework for applying security controls to protect personal health information. There are two versions: One for small medical offices, and another for complex organizations such as hospitals and regional care centres.

Who developed the guide?

We developed the Guide to Information Security for the Health Care Sector in consultation with key stakeholders in the health care community, including physicians, hospital employees, the continuing care sector, labs, local health integration networks (LHINs) and vendors.

Who should use the guide?

The guide would be of interest to individuals responsible for information security programs and for managing security risks within the health care community.

How do you use the guide?

The guide is divided into subject areas and is designed so that users can quickly scan and go directly to sections of interest for details.