Information Security Guides

We have expertise in security, and we are committed to sharing that knowledge with others. We are available to advise clients about designing, developing and implementing their own secure solutions.

For Small Medical Offices

Our small offices guide is an easy-to-read, user-friendly booklet that provides:

  • Helpful best practices and trusted guidelines, plus details on how to design policies, craft agreements and assign security roles and responsibilities for those inside and outside the office
  • Tips on how to build an information security program for community-based offices
  • Support for compliance with Personal Health Information Protection Act legislation

Small Offices Guide (PDF)

For Complex Organizations

For large organizations, the guide provides:

  • A common framework for applying security controls, an information security policy checklist, details on roles and responsibilities, confidentiality agreements and tips to improve risk management
  • Advice around the use and storage of personal health information, including compliance with Personal Health Information Protection Act legislation
  • Help developing information security and risk management best practices through sample policies, templates, checklists and risk management methodology

Large Organizations Guide (PDF)