ONE ID and CPSO members

What is ONE ID?

ONE ID is eHealth Ontario’s digital identity and authentication system which allows health care professionals to securely access electronic health care applications such as ConnectingOntario with a single user name and password.

Why should a CPSO member use ONE ID?

ONE ID establishes your digital identity and recognizes your professional credentials. This ensures only authorized users are accessing and using eHealth Ontario services. It’s the first step in accessing a number of digital health applications managed by eHealth Ontario and other organizations.

How does it work with the CPSO?

ONE ID authenticates the identity information of users through a managed registration process. For CPSO members, ONE ID utilizes information provided by CPSO as identity evidence for verification purposes.

This identity information allows clients to create a ONE ID account, which is tied to their “real world” identity.

With this credential, clients are able to enrol in eHealth Ontario services such as ONE Mail and under the sponsorship of an organization to digital health services, such as ConnectingOntario.

How long does it take to get a ONE ID account setup?

As a CPSO member, you will be able to setup up your ONE ID account within minutes of completing the registration process.

From the CPSO website, you will be redirected to the ONE ID account creation page to register. Some identity information (e.g., legal name, date of birth, CPSO license number) will be prepopulated for your convenience based on information from your CPSO account.

Note: you will need to setup your own challenge questions/challenge phone number, select a password and review/edit your information as necessary.

How much does it cost me?

Nothing. This service is fully funded by eHealth Ontario.

What will my ONE ID account be?

The naming convention for ONE ID accounts uses the following format: (e.g. JOHN.SMITH@ONEID.ON.CA)

How do I log in to my ONE ID account?

Go to, then enter your username and password into the login screen.

Why does eHealth Ontario collect personal information about registrants?

eHealth Ontario collects personal information about registrants in order to verify their identity when enroling them for services, such as ONE Mail, clinical viewers, and the eHealth Ontario Portal, as these services may contain personal health information.

What information is required to register for ONE ID via the CPSO Portal?

To register for ONE ID via the CPSO Portal, the following information is required:

  • Legal First & Last Name (*)
  • Challenge Questions
  • Date of Birth (*)
  • Regulatory College (*)
  • Gender (*)
  • Registration Number (e.g. CPSO Number) (*)
  • Email
  • Phone

(*) Provided by CPSO

How does eHealth Ontario use the personal information collected?

This information is used to establish a unique digital identity for each registrant which helps prevent duplicate registrations, and facilitates subsequent registration activities (e.g., updating information).

eHealth Ontario only collects this information to register and verify the identity of individuals using the information services that it provides. Personal information is not permitted to be used for any other purpose.

What kind of support does eHealth Ontario offer?

eHealth Ontario’s Service Desk is available for support 24/7 for all of its services and can be reached at 1-866-250-1554 or

What are challenge questions?

Challenge questions are a knowledge-based authentication feature used to securely verify an individual’s identity.  Challenge questions may be used for purposes such as a second-factor authentication, calling into the eHealth Ontario service desk, and recovering your password.

What is the phone challenge number?

It is a phone-based secondary means of identity verification through a separate and unconnected communication channel (in addition to the ONE ID login ID and password).

The phone challenge number represents a practical way to add further security to your ONE ID account. It improves security by adding a second factor that relies on a piece of information only you would have (such as a mobile phone number).

Once you add a phone challenge number when creating your account, whenever you log in from an unrecognized computer or through a new IP address, this additional challenge will verify your identity to make sure your account is secure.

You will be prompted to select the phone number you would like to use and one of the following contact options:

  • A call-based user receives a call and presses a specified key to acknowledge receipt of the phone call
  • A text-based user receives text with a unique 6-digit verification code that must be entered on the ONE ID screen

If you do not have a phone available at the time of challenge, you can select the “click here” link to be directed to the Challenge Questions as an alternative.

Once you have successfully completed your phone-based challenge, you can proceed to access your required service(s). The phone-based challenge should take no longer than a minute to complete.

Further information can be found in the FAQs on eHealth Ontario’s support webpage.

What if my pre-populated Personal Information or License Number is incorrect?

If any of the information prefilled on the screen (e.g. Legal First Name, Date of Birth, and License Number) is incorrect, please contact the CPSO Physician Advisory Service to have your record corrected:

CPSO Physician Advisory Service

Phone: 416-967-2606
Toll-Free: 1-800-268-7096 Ext. 606

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

You will be notified by CPSO when your record has been updated. Once complete, you can then retry your ONE ID self-registration from the CPSO Portal.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

For more information on ONE ID, please visit:

For general inquiries regarding ONE ID registrations, contact an eHealth Ontario Registration Agents at: