Under the Ontario Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009, we are required to submit the travel, meal and hospitality expenses of board members, executives and top five claimants to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner for review. These expenses are posted quarterly for board members and executives, and annually for the top five claimants.

Alice Keung

Chief Operating Officer

Alice Keung

SVP, Development and Delivery

Angela Young

Chief Internal Audit and Risk Officer

Doug Tessier

Acting SVP, Development and Implementation

Dr. Rachel Helen Ellaway

Board Member

Frank Work

Sr Advisor Privacy & Policy

Greg Reed

Board Member, President and Chief Executive Officer

Greg Reed

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Sherrard

Board Member

Howard Dickson

Board Member

Jamie Allison

VP, Human Resources

Jean-Pierre Boisclair

Board Member

John E. Moore

SVP, Corporate Services

Karen Waite

Chief Privacy and Security Officer

Marlene Robinson

VP, Medication Management & Physician eHealth

Maureen O'Neil

Board Member

MIchael Fenn

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Mike Labelle

Client Program Manager

Patricia Li

Acting SVP, Corporate Services

Raymond Hession

Board Chair

Rita Burak

Président du conseil

Rob Basque

SVP, Operations

Rob Mitchell

VP, Communications & Stakeholder Relations

Robert Krahel

Tier 3 Support

Shaun McGuire

Board Member

Veronica Maidman

Board Member