Under the Ontario Public Sector Expenses Review Act, 2009, we are required to submit the travel, meal and hospitality expenses of board members, executives and top five claimants to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner for review. These expenses are posted quarterly for board members and executives, and annually for the top five claimants.

Abigail Carter-Langford

Chief Privacy Officer 

Alice Keung

Chief Operating Officer

Allan Gunn

Chief Administrative Officer

David Rounthwaite

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

David Rounthwaite

Legal Counsel (formerly Acting CEO)

George Southey

Board Member

Greg Reed

Chief Executive Officer

Heather Sherrard

Board Member

Jean-Pierre Boisclair

Board Member

Maureen O'Neil

Board Member

Michael Foulkes

Board Member

Peter Bascom

Chief Architect

Raymond Hession

Board Chair

Sime Pavlovic


Veronica Maidman

Board Member

Wei Qiu

Chief Medical Informatics Officer