TORONTO – eHealth Ontario introduced a new resource to help the health care sector navigate the complex landscape of patient data protection. The Guide to Information Security for the Health Care Sector was recently launched and is now available as a free download at

“There is no other comparable resource of this type for someone with no security experience. Alternatives exist, but cost is also a barrier to most organizations and physician practices getting started with this topic,” says Jeff Curtis, Chief Privacy Officer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

The information security tool provides a common framework for applying security controls for the protection of personal and personal health information. The guide is designed specifically to assist complex organizations such as hospitals and regional care centres. It covers key areas that are important when developing a security program adaptable to their local needs.

“This tool enables us to help the entire health care sector for applying security controls to enhance the providers’ and public trust in ehealth solutions,” states eHealth Ontario’s Bobby Singh, Director, Information Security.

Based on the international security standards ISO27001 and ISO27002, the guide is easy to understand and easy to use. It will help organizations improve their compliance with PHIPA legislation and establish best practices in information security and risk management by providing sample policies, templates, checklists and a risk management methodology.

Feedback from the health care sector has been very positive in response to this new tool and many are pleased to see this type of resource available. “eHealth Ontario’s Guide to Information Security for the Health Care Sector is a valuable resource that provides clear guidance to hospitals, helping them to protect information and continue engendering trust and confidence among their patients,” says Tom Closson, President and CEO, Ontario Hospital Association.

eHealth Ontario plays the leading role in harnessing technology and innovation to improve patient care, safety and access in support of the government’s health strategy. The organization published its first ehealth strategy in March 2009, which is focused on providing a comprehensive, patient-focused, secure and private electronic system. eHealth Ontario will drive the transformation of Ontario’s health care system, building toward an electronic health record for all Ontarians by 2015.

For further information please contact:

Heather Brown,
Communications Advisor,
eHealth Ontario

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