Governance Documents

Transfer Order

Transfer Order (PDF)

Financial Statements

Annual Reports

Download our annual reports and learn more about our progress.

Annual Business Plan

Under the Ontario Government’s Agencies & Appointments Directive, eHealth Ontario is required to develop and submit an annual business plan on a yearly basis to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care for approval. Once the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care has approved the plan, it is published on our website.

Our annual business plan outlines our strategic direction and priorities. It provides an overview of current and future activities and projects for a three year period. It includes information on our mandate, environment, strategic direction, programs and activities, human resources, budget, and risk management.

2014/2015 Annual Business Plan (PDF)

Memorandum of Understanding

All classified agencies require an MOU. The MOU is an administrative agreement between the responsible Minister and the agency that reflects the accountability framework and guides the mutual understanding of responsibilities of both the responsible minister and the chair of a classified agency.

eHealth Ontario MOU (PDF)