The Drug Profile Viewer (DPV), which is currently accessed through the eHealth Portal, will be decommissioned effective Thursday April 2, 2020 and replaced with the newer, more comprehensive, Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) that is accessed through one of the two provincial clinical viewers.

The Drug Profile Viewer is being decommissioned because the technology that supports it is now at ‘end of life’. In order to enhance access to digital drug information, the Ministry of Health is replacing the DPV with the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR). The Ministry’s DHDR allows authorized health care providers to have access to the information available through DPV, and more. The DHDR is a newer and more comprehensive information source having more than seven (7) years of information compared to the one (1) year of information available in DPV. As well, the DHDR includes information on publicly-funded dispensed drugs and pharmacy services, as well as all monitored drugs dispensed in the province regardless of payor.

Currently, authorized health care providers are able to access patient drug information from the DHDR using one of two clinical viewers: (1) ClinicalConnect™, available to providers in southwest Ontario, or (2) ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer, available to providers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), northern and eastern Ontario. All DPV enrolled organizations also have access to one of these clinical viewers.

All individuals working within an enrolled organization must be sponsored by their organization and must complete DHDR and privacy training before they can be authorized to access the DHDR.

Current users of DPV are encouraged to transition to the provincial viewer as soon as possible. Local Registration Authorities (LRAs) at DPV enrolled organizations will enroll those who do not already have access to the DHDR via a clinical viewer, pending appropriate organizational sponsorship.

If you are a user of DPV and wish to inquire about your access status or to request enrolment into a provincial viewer to access the DHDR, contact your organization’s LRA. If you do not know who your LRA is, contact (south west Ontario region) or ONE ID Business Support (rest of the province).

Additional Resources and Support Information:

South Western Ontario:

Greater Toronto Area and Northern and Eastern Ontario:

For assistance or more information, contact Ontario Health Service Desk at 1-866-250-1554 or

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