The repository includes the images and reports of a number of radiology services offered by hospitals and independent health facilities in Ontario including:

Used to determine broken bones (fractures) and damaged ligaments, and organ diseases such as pneumonia in the lung, or cancer.

Used for checking broken bones, cancers, blood clots, signs of heart disease, etc.

Used to examine abdomen, carotids, venous, thyroid, etc.

Used to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone, and other structures inside the body.

Used to assist in the detection of breast diseases.


  • Improves patient diagnosis significantly by providing a more complete patient history
  • Reduces unnecessary transfers and duplicate exams for patients and provides care closer to home
  • Reduces reimaging tests, saving costs and reducing unnecessary exposure to radiation
  • Provides 24/7 access to diagnostic imaging and reports
  • Enables real-time collaboration with a broader range of specialists including remote consultations
Telestroke Joins eHealth Ontario's ENITS program

Telestroke joins eHealth Ontario’s ENITS program

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Access Channels


Authorized health care providers in South West Ontario can view reports and images from DI repository via ClinicalConnect™.

ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer

Authorized health care providers in the Greater Toronto Area and Northern and Eastern Region can view reports and images from the DI repository via ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer.

eHealth Portal

Authorized health care providers who may not have access to other viewers, can access reports and images from the DI Common Service via eHealth Portal.

Technical Prerequisites

One of the following:

  • ONE ID credential or federated access (to access via ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer or ClinicalConnect)
  • ONE ID credential (to access via eHealth Portal)

Non-Technical Prerequisites

  • Legal agreements

Let's determine the clinical viewer available in your region

What's New

Recent Diagnostic Imaging's service updates

Diagnostic Imaging Common Service integration now live at sites across the province

Health care providers across the province now have quick and seamless access to their patients’ diagnostic images and reports, thanks to a new initiative from eHealth Ontario.
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