Accessing EHR Data as a Federated Organization, or as an Organization Contributing Data

A federated organization relies on trusted local credentials (i.e., username and password) issued by your organization, which are used to access the EHR. To get connected as a federated or data contribution organization, contact us at:

Here are the steps we will take you through to get securely connected to the EHR:

Step 1 – Complete the Security Webinar

The webinar summarizes the EHR security policies, provides tips on how to implement them, and instructions for completing the security assessment.

Download the Webinar in pdf format

Step 2 – Get Trained

The following privacy and security training must be completed by all relevant staff:

Step 3 – Complete the Security Assessment

Prior to getting connected, the EHR Security Assessment for Federated or Data Contribution Organizations must be completed and submitted to the ConnectingOntario Security team for their review and finalization.

Policies and Standards

View the EHR security and federation identity provider policies and standards that must be complied with.


EHR Security Guidelines for Managing Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Download Settings A step-by-step guide to clearing PHI from your internet browser history, file cache, and Downloads folder.

Document Download Scenarios – ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer A guide that outlines scenarios in which users of the ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer can view and download patient documents, depending on the web browser used and the type of download file.