OLIS Adoption Projects | Reference Information

Following is a collection of documents and information that will be helpful to adopters of OLIS during the course of their planning and implementation projects.

Please note that all of these documents are available as hyperlinks from The Adopter’s Guide to Implementing OLIS.

OLIS-EMR Health Care Provider Guide
OLIS Benefits 
Process Maps: Overview
OLIS Client Support

Frequently Accessed Documents

The Adopter's Guide to Implementing OLIS
OLIS Interface Specification
Hospital Extract
Lab and SCC Extract
Organization Extract

OLIS Nomenclature

OLIS Nomenclature Change Request Form
OLIS Nomenclature

1.1 – Initial Engagement

Checklist for Initial Engagement 
Process Map: Initial Engagement

1.2 – Planning Transfer Payment Agreement

Checklist for Planning TPA 

2.1 – Planning Kickoff

Meeting Minutes Template
OLIS Project Status Report 
OLIS Financial Status Report 
OLIS Interface Specification
OLIS Gap Analysis Questionnaire 
OLIS Conformance Test Scenarios 
Checklist for Planning Kickoff

2.2 – Gap Analysis

A Guide to the OLIS Nomenclature
OLIS Conformance Test Scenarios 
OLIS Gap Analysis Questionnaire 
Sample HL7 Message Requirements 
Sample HL7 Message Review Report 
Checklist for Gap Analysis 
Process Map: Gap Analysis 

2.3 – Nomenclature Mapping

A Guide to the OLIS Nomenclature 
OLIS Mapping Tool User Guide
OLIS Mapping Test Requests Template
OLIS Mapping Specimens Template
OLIS Mapping Test Results Template
OLIS Mapping Microorganisms Template
OLIS Nomenclature Pairings Template 
OLIS Nomenclature Change Request Form 
LOINC Users’ Guide 
Checklist for Nomenclature Mapping 
Process Map: Nomenclature Mapping and Change Requests 

2.4 – Process and Systems Requirements

Checklist for Process and Systems Requirements 
Process Map: Process and Systems Requirements 

2.5 –Detailed Implementarion Planning

OLIS Communications Plan Template 
OLIS Implementation Project Schedule 
Checklist for Detailed Implementation Planning 
Process Map: Detailed Implementation Planning 

2.6 – Implementation Transfer Payment Agreement (TPA)

Checklist for Implementation TPA

3.1 – Implementation Kickoff 

Checklist for Implementation Kickoff 
Process Map: Implementation Kickoff

3.2 – Project Reporting and Financials

OLIS Project Status Report 
OLIS Project Financial Status Report 
Checklist for Project Reporting and Financials 
Process Map: Project Reporting and Financials

3.3 – Privacy and Security 

Checklist for Privacy and Security 
Process Map: Privacy and Security

3.4 – Legal Agreements and Schedules

OLIS Hospital Lab Data Disclosure Agreement 
Checklist for Legal Agreements and Schedules 
Process Map: Legal Agreements and Schedules

3.5 – Environment Setup and Connectivity 

PKI Certificate Installation Guide 
eHealth Ontario PKI Certification Policy Manual
OLIS Connectivity Testing Instructions

3.6 – Registration and Enrolment of Individuals

Registration Agent (RA) Portal

3.7 – System Development 

Checklist for System Development 
Process Map: System Development

3.8 – Client Self-Test (CST) 

OLIS Conformance Test Scenarios 
OLIS Conformance Testing Guide 
OLIS CT Assessment Report (Sample) 
OLIS Data Quality Audit Report (Sample) 
OLIS CST Testing Tracker (Template) 
Testing in the CST Environment 
OLIS Client Self-Test (CST) Gateway Checklist Template 
Checklist for Client Self-Test (CST) 
Process Map: Client Self-Test (CST)

3.9 – Conformance Test (CT) 

OLIS Conformance Test Scenarios 
OLIS Conformance Testing Guide 
OLIS CT Assessment Report (Sample)
Checklist for Conformance Test (CT) 
Process Map: Conformance Test (CT)

3.10 – Nomenclature Mapping Acceptance

OLIS Nomenclature Mapping Acceptance Letter 
Checklist for Nomenclature Mapping Acceptance 
Process Map: Nomenclature Mapping Acceptance

3.11 – Go-Live Planning and Go-Live

eHealth Ontario Client Site Profile Form 
Health Care Provider Guide 
eHealth Ontario Site Support Guide 
OLIS Go-Live Gateway Checklist Template 
Checklist for Go-Live Planning and Go-Live 
Process Map: Go-Live Planning and Go-Live

3.12 – Ramp-Up 

Lessons Learned Workshop Guide 
Checklist for Ramp-Up 
Process Map: Ramp-Up

3.13 – Transition to Operations 

eHealth Ontario Site Support Guide 
Checklist for Transition to Operations 
Process Map: Transition to Operations